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ENTEGRE PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY has a new advance in the sector and started activities to widespread environmentalist awareness in building sector through ecologist and sustainable buildings as a part of its project management and consultancy solutions by presenting “Entegre Plus – Green Project Management” services.

Typical buildings causes problems like high energy consumption, large quantities of waste, poor indoor environmental quality and low user satisfaction. Green buildings are the most efficient solutions to those problems. ENTEGRE leads investors to increase sustainable projects in our country and contributes to build water and energy efficient projects, utilize ecologist materials and provide high indoor environmental quality, in other words “green” projects.
ENTEGRE leads clients from design phase to commissioning phase with its expert staff and generates innovative and environmentalist solutions under “Entegre Plus-Green Project Management” scope.
In this context, ENTEGRE scope of work in Green Projects are;

  • Assisting to select appropriate certification system.
  • Preparing Initial Green Building Evaluation report and if requests preparing a cost estimate.
  • Finding consultants like lighting, landscaping etc. and obtaining their offers.
  • Green design management.
  • Green cost control and budgeting.
  • Green  building activity schedule and work schedule
  • Providing market research for green products.
  • Site control.
  • Committing testing and commissioning plans and procedures.
  • Monitoring and controlling of testing and commissioning process
  • Preparing meetings and workshops
  • Assisting to prepare documentation and narratives.
  • Preparing monthly Green Building Progress Report. 
  • Finding solution providers for green landscaping and irrigation.
  • Preparing waste management plan and finding recycling company.

Detailed information about certification systems

ENTEGRE is the solution provider of many  certificated green projects (BREEAM and LEED projects) in Turkey. At the same time Entegre is the member of Turkish Green Building Organization’s green building certification committee.

Helpful Web Sites:

Energy Efficiency
Ministry of Energy

Information pages of Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Buildings
Turkish Green Building Association
World Green Building Council


Kyoto Protocol

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